Battle o Poltava

The Battle o Poltava[d] (8 Julie 1709[e]) was the decisive veectory o Peter I o Roushie, an aw kent as "the Great," ower the Swadish forces unner Field Marshal Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld, in ane o the battles o the Great Northren War.

Battle o Poltava
Pairt o the Swadish invasion o Roushie
Marten's Poltava.jpg
The Battle o Poltava bi Denis Martens the Younger (1726)
Date27 Juin 1709 (O.S.)
28 Juin 1709 (Swadish calendar)
8 Julie 1709 (N.S.)
LocationPoltava, Cossack Hetmanate (present-day Ukraine)

Decisive Roushie veectory

Swedish Empire
Cossack Hetmanate
Kalmyk Khanate
Commanders an leaders
Charles XII o Swaden
Swaden Carl Gustaf Rehnskiöld (POW)
Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt
Ivan Mazepa
Roushie Peter I
Roushie Boris Sheremetev
Roushie Alexander Menshikov
Roushie Jacob Bruce
Ivan Skoropadsky[1]

Swadish combined airmy:
24,000 Swadish regulars
  (13,000 cavalry
     11,000 infantry)[2][a]
6,000 irregulars
  1,000 Pols vlach cavalry
    3,000–7,000     Cossacks[b][3]
34 artillery pieces

Tot: up tae 30,000[4][5][c]

Pairteecipatit in battle:
8,700 infantry[2]
7,800 cavalry[2]
4 cannons

Tot: 16,500

Besiegin Poltava:
1,100 infantry
200 cavalry

Roushie combined airmy:
52,100 Roushie regulars
  (33,500 infantry
     18,600 cavalry)[2]
23,000 irregulars[2]
  (Cossacks an Kalmyks,
   3,000 Kalmyks arrived
   at the end o the battle)
102 artillery pieces

Tot: 75,000[2]

Pairteecipatit in battle:
24,500 infantry
14,600 dragoons[2]
3,000 Kalmyks[3]
86 cannons

Tot: 42,000

Garrison o Poltava:
4,200 infantry
2,000 Cossacks
28 cannons
Casualties an losses

Swadish accoonts: 6,900 killt an woundit, 2,800 capturt.[6][7][8]

Roushie accoonts: 9,234 killt, 2,864–2,977 capturt.[9][10][11]

Offeecial accoonts: 1,345 killt, 3,290 woundit.[7][10]

Ither accoonts: 5,953 killt an woundit.[12]


  1. Aboot 2,000 sick an injurt sodgers war staundin in the Pushkarivka camp.
  2. The exact nummers o Mazepa's an Zaporizhian Cossacks is unkent but are uisually gien tae 3,000 up tae 7,000. Thay war stationed in the Pushkarivka camp an did nae pairteecipate in the battle.
  3. Roushie soorces quote the captive Field Marshal Rehnskiöld statin that his combined airmy afore the battle consistit o up tae 30,000 men.
  4. Swadish: Slaget vid Poltava; Roushie: Полта́вская би́тва; Ukrainian: Полта́вська би́тва
  5. 28 Juin accordin tae the then-uised Swadish calendar; 27 Juin in the Julian calendar; 8 Julie in the modren calendar.


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