Battle o Kadesh

The Battle o Kadesh (an aa Qadesh) teuk place atween the forces o the Egyptian Empire unner Ramesses II an the Hittite Empire unner Muwatalli II at the ceety o Kadesh on the Orontes River, in what is nou the Sirian Arab Republic.[10]

Battle o Kadesh
Pairt o Seicont Syrian campaign o Ramesses II
Ramses II at Kadesh.jpg
Ramesses atop chariot, at the battle o Kadesh. (Relief inside his Abu Simbel temple.)
DateLate Mey 1274 BC[1]
LocationOn the Orontes River near Kadesh

Baith sides claimed victory.[2][3] Negotiatit peace treaty[4]
Tactical: Pyrrhic Egyptian victory or Indecisive

Strategic: Hittite victory (Hittite Empire expandit soothward, tae Upi/ Damascus)[5]
New Kinrick o Egyp Hittite Empire
Commanders an leaders

Ramesses II

Muwatalli II

  • Hattusili III
  • Mittanamuwash o Pitassa
  • Masturish o Seha River Land
  • Piyama-Inarash o Wilusa
  • Sahurunuwash o Carchemish
  • Sattuara o Mittani
  • Niqmepa o Ugarit
  • Talmi-Sarruma o Aleppo
  • Niqmaddu o Kadesh

20,000 men
(hauf engaged)

  • 16,000 infantry[6]
  • 2,000 chariots[7]

50,000 men

  • 40,000 infantry[8]
    (not engaged)
  • 3,700 chariots[8]
Casualties an losses
Unkent Unkent


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