Bathory (baund)

Oreegin: Stockholm, Swaden
Genre(s): Black metal
Viking metal
Thrash metal
Years active: 1983-2004
Labels: Black Mark Productions
Members: Quorthon

Bathory wis a Swedish hivy metal baund, formed bi Quorthon in 1983. Thay are regardit as pioneers o baith black metal an Viking metal. The baund is named efter the infamous Hungarian coontess Elizabeth Báthory.


Studio albumsEedit

Compilation albumsEedit

Muisic videosEedit


Final line-upEedit

  • Quorthon - guitars, vocals, muisic an leerics (1983–2004) aw instruments (1991–2004)

(Kent) Umwhile membersEedit

While thare hae been mony members o Bathory ower the years, due tae its mair-or-less revolvin door membership an the obscured naitur o ony reliable information, it is impossible tae properly leet aw umwhile members. The names Kothaar an Vvornth are generic stage names gien tae bassists an drummers respectively, sae thay canna be gien tae ony parteecular member.

  • Frederick Melander (Fredrick Hanoi) - bass (1983–1984)
  • Jonas Åkerlund (Vans McBurger) - drums (1983–1984)
  • The Ainimal (Björn Kristensen) - vocals (early 1983)