Banner o Turkey

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The banner o Turkey (Turkis: Türk bayrağı) is a reid banner wi a white crescent muin an a starn in its centre. The banner is cried Ay Yıldız (literally, muin starn.) or Albayrak (Red banner). The Turkis banner is referred tae as Alsancak (Red banner) in the Turkish Naitional Anthem.

The banner haes a complex oreegin syne it is an auncient design, an uises the same seembols o the late banner o the Ottoman Empire which wur adoptit in 1844 wi the Tanzimat reforms; tho the shape, placement an shade o the colour vary. The geometric proportions o the banner wur legally staundartised wi the Turkish Banner Law in 1936. The shade o reid uised in the banner is approximatit bi RGB (227, 10, 23).


Presidential Staundart
Turkish banner made o flouers
Main airticle: Ottoman banner

The current design o the Turkish banner is directly derived frae the late Ottoman banner, which haed acquired its final form in 1844. It is kent that the Ottomans uised reid banners o triangular shape at least syne 1383, which came tae be rectangular ower the course o history.

Ottomans uised several different designs, maist o them featurin ane or mair crescents, for different purposes, sic as the banner wi green backgrund signifyin the caliphate. Durin the late imperial period, the distinctive uise o the colour reid for secular an green for releegious institutions became an establisht practice. In 1844, the aicht-pointit starn wis replaced wi a five-pointit starn an the banner reached the form o the present Turkish banner; Red wis the colour o Umar I, the Caliph who ruled frae AD 634 tae 644 an wis kent as a great consolidator o the Islamic Empire. In the 14t century reid became the colour o the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Banner's crescent muin wis thicker than its current design.

The oreegin o the banner is the subject o various legends in the kintra, some contradictin the historical knowledge aboot the Ottoman Banner.