Banner o Cameroon

The naitional banner o Cameroon wis adoptit in its present form on 20 Mey 1975 efter Cameroon became a unitary state. It is a vertical tricolour o green, red an yellae, defaced wi a five-pointit starn in its center. Thare is a wide variation in the size o the central starn, awtho it is aaways contained athin the inside stripe.

Banner o Cameroon (1957-1961)
Banner o Breetish Cameroons (1922-1961)
Banner o German Cameroon

The colour scheme uises the traditional Pan-African colors (Cameroon becomin the seicont state tae dae sae), an the tricolor design is adoptit frae the banner o Fraunce. The centre stripe is thocht tae staund for unity: reid is the colour o unity, an the starn is referred tae as "the starn o unity". The yellae staunds for the sun, an an' a' the savannas in the northren pairt o the kintra, while the green is for the forests in the soothren pairt o Cameroon.

The previous banner o Cameroon (1961-1975) haed a seemilar colour scheme, but wi twa gowd (daurker than the third stripe bi comparison) starns in the upper hauf o the green. It wis adoptit follaein Breetish Sooth Cameroon's joinin o the State o Cameroon.[1]

The oreeginal banner, first made law bi Law 46 o 26 October 1957, wis the semple tricolour. It wis confirmed on 21 Februar 1960 in the new constitution.

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