Bal des Ardents

The Bal des Ardents depictit in a 15t-century miniature frae Froissart's Chronicles. The Duchess o Berry hauds her blue skirts ower a barely veesible Charles VI o Fraunce as the dancers teir at thair birnin costumes. Ane dancer haes leapt intae the wine fat; in the gallery abuin, muisickers conteena tae play.

The Bal des Ardents (Ball o the Birnin Men[1]) or Bal des Sauvages[2] (Ball o the Wild Men) wis a masquerade ball[note 1] held on 28 January 1393 in Paris at which Charles VI o Fraunce performed in a dance wi five members o the French nobility. Fower o the dancers war killt in a fire caused bi a torch brocht in bi a spectator, Charles's brither Louis, Duke o Orléans. Charles an anither o the dancers survived.


  1. Soorces vary whither the event was a masquerade or a masque.


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