Art Nouveau (French pronunciation: ​[aʁ nuvo]) is an internaitional style o airt, airchitectur an applee'd airt, especially the decorative airts, that wis maist popular atween 1890 an 1910.[1] A reaction tae the academic airt o the 19t century, it wis inspired bi naitural forms an structurs, nae anly in flouers an plants, but an aa in curved lines.

Art Nouveau
Abbesses.JPGAlfons Mucha - F. Champenois Imprimeur-Éditeur.jpg
Louis comfort tiffany, lampada da tavolo pomb lily, 1900-10 ca..JPGLouis Majorelle - Wall Cabinet - Walters 6587.jpg
Tassel House stairway.JPG
Paris metro station bi Hector Guimard (1900); Poster bi Alfons Mucha (1897); Lamp bi Louis Comfort Tiffany (1900-1910); Waw cabinet bi Louis Majorelle; Interior o Hôtel Tassel bi Victor Horta (1894)
Years active1890-1914


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