Arlington Naitional Seemetry

Arlington Naitional Seemetry is a Unitit States militar seemetery in Arlington Coonty, Virginie, athort the Potomac River frae Washington, D.C., in that's 624 acres (253 ha) the deid o the naition's conflicts hae been buiried, beginnin wi the Ceevil War, as weel as reinterred deid frae earlier wars.

Arlington Naitional Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery Seal.png
Arlington National Cemetery Seal
EstablishedMay 13, 1864
Location Arlington Coonty, Virginie
Kintra United States of America
Coordinates38°52′48″N 77°04′12″W / 38.880°N 77.070°W / 38.880; -77.070Coordinates: 38°52′48″N 77°04′12″W / 38.880°N 77.070°W / 38.880; -77.070
Awned biU.S. Depairtment o the Airmy
Size624 acres (253 ha)
No. o graffs~400,000[1]