Archytas (Greek: Ἀρχύτας; 428–347 BC) wis an Auncient Greek filosofer, mathematician, astronomer, statesman, an strategist. He wis a scientist o the Pythagorean schuil an famous for bein the reputit foonder o mathematical mechanics, as weel as a guid friend o Plato.

Archytas of Tarentum MAN Napoli Inv5607.jpg
Bust frae the Villa o the Papyri in Herculaneum, ance identifee'd as Archytas, nou thocht tae be Pythagoras[1]
Born435 - 410 BC
Tarentum, Magna Graecia
Died347 BC (aged 80–81)
EraPre-Socratic filosofie
RegionWastren filosofie
Notable ideas
Archytas curve


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