Archibald Douglas, 4t Yerl o Douglas

Archibald Douglas, Duke o Touraine, Yerl o Douglas, Yerl o Wigtoun, Laird o Annandale, Laird o Gallowa, Laird o Boddle, an 13t Laird o Douglas (1372–17 August 1424), wis a Scots nobleman an warlaird.

Archibald Douglas
Yerl o Douglas
Duke o Touraine
Yerl o Wigtoun[1]
Laird o Gallowa
Laird o Annandale
Laird o Boddle
Seal of Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas1400.jpg
Seal o the 4t Yerl o Douglas
PredecessorArchibald Douglas, 3rd Yerl o Douglas
SuccessorArchibald Douglas, 5t Yerl o Douglas
Born1372 (1372)
Dee'd1424 (1425)
killed at Verneuil-sur-Avre
Cathedral o St Gatien, Tours, Fraunce
Noble faimilyDouglas
Spoose(s)Princess Margaret o Scotland
Archibald Douglas, 5t Yerl o Douglas
Elizabeth Douglas
William Douglas
James Douglas
Marjory Douglas
FaitherArchibald Douglas, 3rd Yerl o Douglas
MitherJoanna de Moravia, Leddy o Boddle


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