Apostolic Palace

The Apostolic Palace (Italian: Palazzo Apostolico) is the offeecial residence o the Pape, which is locatit in Vatican Ceety.

Apostolic Palace
Palazzo apostolico
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Location on a cairt o Vatican Ceety
Alternative names
  • Palace of Sixtus V
  • Palace of the Vatican
  • Papal Palace
General information
TeepOffeecial residence
KintraVatican Ceety
Coordinates41°54′13″N 012°27′23″E / 41.90361°N 12.45639°E / 41.90361; 12.45639Coordinates: 41°54′13″N 012°27′23″E / 41.90361°N 12.45639°E / 41.90361; 12.45639
Construction stairtit30 Aprile 1589[1]
AwnerThe Pape


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