Apollo 13 wis the seivent manned mission in the American Apollo space programme an the third intendit tae laund on the Muin.

Apollo 13
Apollo 13 passing Moon.jpg
The Apollo 13 crew photographed the Moon oot o the Lunar Module owerheid rendezvous window as thay passed bi; the deactivatit Command Module is veesible
Mission teepManned lunar laundin attempt
COSPAR ID1970-029A
SATCAT no.4371
Mission duration5 days, 22 oors, 54 minutes, 41 seiconts
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftApollo CSM-109
Apollo LM-7
ManufacturerCSM: North American Rockwell
LM: Grumman
Launch mass101,261 pound (45,931 kg)
Laundin mass11,133 pound (5,050 kg)
Crew size3
CallsignCM: Odyssey
LM: Aquarius
Stairt o mission
Launch dateNot recognized as a date. Years must have 4 digits (use leading zeros for years < 1000). UTC
RocketSaturn V SA-508
Launch steidKennedy LC-39A
End of mission
Rekivert biUSS Iwo Jima
Laundin dateNot recognized as a date. Years must have 4 digits (use leading zeros for years < 1000). UTC
Laundin steidSouth Pacific Ocean
21°38′24″S 165°21′42″W / 21.64000°S 165.36167°W / -21.64000; -165.36167 (Apollo 13 splashdown)
Orbital parameters
Reference seestemGeocentric
Fleebi o Muin (orbit an laundin abortit)
Closest approachApril 15, 1970, 00:21:00 UTC
Distance254 kilometer (137 nmi)
Docking with LM
Dockin dateAprile 11, 1970, 22:32:08 UTC
Undockin dateAprile 17, 1970, 16:43:00 UTC
Apollo 13-insignia.png Apollo 13 Prime Crew.jpg
Left tae richt Lovell, Swigert, Haise, 12 days efter thair return. 


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