Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (Italian: [anˈtɔːnjo ˈluːtʃo viˈvaldi]; 4 Mairch 1678 – 28 Julie 1741) wis an Italian Baroque componer, virtuoso violinist, teacher an cleric. Born in Venice, the caipital o the Venetian Republic, he is recognised as ane o the greatest Baroque componers, an his influence in his lifetime wis widespread athort Europe. He componed mony instrumental concertos, for the violin an a variety o ither instruments, as weel as saucrit choral warks an mair nor fowerty operas. His best-kent wark is a series o violin concertos kent as the Fower Saisons.

Antonio Vivaldi (engravin bi François Morellon de La Cave, frae Michel-Charles Le Cène's edeetion o Vivaldi's Op. 8)

Mony o his composeetions war written for the aw-female muisic ensemble o the Ospedale della Pietà, a hame for abandoned childer whaur Vivaldi (that haed been ordained as a Catholic priest) wis employed frae 1703 tae 1715 an frae 1723 tae 1740. Vivaldi an aw haed some success wi expensive stagins o his operas in Venice, Mantua an Vienna. Efter meetin the Emperor Charles VI, Vivaldi muived tae Vienna, haipin for preferment. Houiver, the Emperor dee'd soon efter Vivaldi's arrival, an Vivaldi himsel dee'd, in poverty, less nor a year later.