Antoine de Gramont, Duke o Guiche

Antoine de Gramont, Duke o Guiche, Duke o Gramont (Januar 1672 – September 16 1725) wis a french nobleman an duke who wis made a Marshal o Fraunce in 1724 bi Keeng Louis XV. He wis the Duke o Guiche and then became the Duke o Gramont at the daith o his faither in 1720.

Antoine de Gramont
Duke o Guiche
Undated portrait of Antoine de Gramont, Duke of Gramont by an unknown artist.jpg
Gramont bi an unknown artist.
Full name
Antoine de Gramont
Dee'd16 September 1725 (aged 54)
Noble faimilyGramont
Spoose(s)Marie Christine de Noailles
Antoine, Duke o Gramont
Louis, Duke o Gramont
Marie Adélaïde, Duchess o Biron
Catherine Charlotte, Duchess o Saint Simon
FaitherAntoine Charles de Gramont
MitherMarie Charlotte de Castelnau
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A son o Antoine Charles de Gramont, Duke o Gramont an his wife Marie Charlotte de Castelnau. His sister Catherine Charlotte mairit Louis François de Boufflers, Duke o Boufflers. He wis also a cousin o Armand de Gramont, Coont o Guiche (a lover o Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans, as well as the Princess o Monaco.


He mairit Marie Christine de Noailles (1672-1748) in 1687, a dochter o Anne Jules de Noailles, Duke o Noailles an sister o Coontess o Toulouse an the (3rd) Duke o Noailles.


  1. Antoine de Gramont, 5t) Duke o Gramont.
  2. Louis de Gramont, (6t) Duke o Gramont.
  3. Marie Adélaïde de Gramont, mairit François Armand de Gontaut,Duke o Biron (son o Charles Armand de Gontaut, Duke o Biron)
  4. Catherine Charlotte Thérèse de Gramont, mairit Philippe Alexandre, Prince o Bournonville (1719)). Then remairit (1727) Jacques Louis de Rouvroy, Duke o Saint Simon.

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