Anne Geneviève de Lévis

Anne Geneviève de Lévis (Februar 1673 – 20 Mairch 1727) wis a French noblewoman. She wis Duchess o Rohan-Rohan an Princess o Soubise bi mairiage. Anne Geneviève wis the only child o Madame de Ventadour, governess of the young Louis XV. She mairit twice an haed childer with her second husband. She died in Paris aged fifty-four.

Anne Geneviève de Lévis
Princess o Turenne
Princess o Soubise
Anne Geneviève de Lévis par Nicolas de Largillière.jpg
Anne Geneviève bi Nicolas de Largillière.
Full name
Anne Geneviève de Lévis
BornFebruar 1673
Dee'd20 Mairch 172
Rue de Paradis, Paris, Fraunce
Buiried23 Mairch 1727
Kirk de La Merci, Paris
Spoose(s)Hercule Mériadec de Rohan
Louis Charles de La Tour d'Auvergne
Louise Françoise, Duchess o La Meilleraye
Charlotte Armande, Abbess o Jouarre
Jules, Prince o Soubise
Marie Isabelle, Duchess o Tallard
Louise, Princess o Guéméné
FaitherLouis Charles de Lévis
MitherCharlotte de La Motte Houdancourt
ReleegionRoman Catholic

First mairiageEedit

She married twice; firstly to Louis Charles de La Tour d'Auvergne, Prince o Turenne an son an heir o Godefroy Maurice de La Tour d'Auvergne, Duke o Bouillon an Marie Anne Mancini. They mairit in Paris on 16 Februar 1691.

Second mairiageEedit

Secondly, she mairit on 15 Februar 1694 tae Hercule Mériadec de Rohan, son o François de Rohan, Prince o Soubise.


  1. Louise Françoise de Rohan (4 Januar 1695 – 27 Julie 1755) mairit Guy Paul Jules de La Porte, Duke o La Meilleraye, grandson o Armand Charles de La Porte, Duke o La Meilleraye an Hortense Mancini; haed issue an were grand parents o Louise d'Aumont, as such the present Prince o Monaco is a descendant o Anne Geneviève.
  2. Charlotte Armande de Rohan, Abbess o Jouarre (19 Januar 1696 – 2 Mairch 1733) never mairit.
  3. Jules François Louis de Rohan, Prince o Soubise (16 Januar 1697 – 6 Mey 1724) mairit Anne Julie de Melun, nae issue.
  4. Marie Isabelle Gabrielle Angélique de Rohan (17 Januar 1699 – 15 Januar 1754) mairit Joseph de La Baume, Duke o Hostun, Duke o Tallard, nae issue.
  5. Louise Gabrielle Julie de Rohan (11 August 1704 – Aft 12 Mairch 1741) mairit Hercule Mériadec de Rohan, Prince o Guéméné, an haed issue.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • February 1673 – 16 Februar 1691 Mademoiselle de Ventadour.
  • 16 Februar 1691 – 4 August 1692 The Princess o Turenne.
  • 4 August 1692 – 15 Februar 1694 The Dowager Princess o Turenne.
  • 15 Februar 1694 – 18 December 1714 The Princess o Maubuisson.
  • 18 December 1714 – 20 Mairch 1727 The Duchess o Rohan-Rohan, Princess o Soubise.

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