Anna Maria Franziska o Saxe-Lauenburg

Anna Maria Franziska o Saxe-Lauenburg (13 Juin 1672 – 15 October 1741) wis the legal Duchess o Saxe-Lauenburg in the eyes of the Haly Roman Emperor, the overlord of Saxe-Lauenburg, frae 1689 until 1728; however, because her distant cousin George William, Duke o Brunswick-Lüneburg, conquered the duchy bi force in 1689, she exercised nae control over the territory, instead living in her manors in Bohemie. She wis Grand Duchess o Tuscany aa the wife o the last Medici Grand Duke, Gian Gastone. Her sister Duchess Sibylle o Saxe-Lauenburg wis the Margravine o Baden-Baden, an mither o Auguste, Duchess o Orléans.

Anna Maria Franziska
Gabbiani, Giovanni Gaetano (attr.) - Official portrait of Anna Maria Franziska von Sachsen-Lauenburg as Grand Duchess of Tuscany.jpg
Giovanni Gaetano Gabbiani, official portrait o Anna Maria as Grand Duchess o Tuscany
Grand Duchess consort of Tuscany
Tenur31 October 1723 – 9 Julie 1737
Born13 Juin 1673(1673-06-13)
Neuhaus upon Elbe, Saxony, HRE (now Germany)
Dee'd15 October 1741(1741-10-15) (aged 69)
Zákupy, Bohemie, (now Czech Republic)
SpousePhilipp Wilhelm o Neuburg
Grand Duke Gian Gastone
IssueMaria Anna, Duchess Ferdinand o Bavarie
Full name
Anna Maria Franziska
HooseHoose o Ascania
FaitherJulius Francis o Saxe-Lauenburg
MitherHedwig o the Palatinate
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Wappen Grafschaft Sachsen-Lauenburg.svg

First mairiageEedit

Anna Maria mairit Philipp Willhelm August o Neuburg. The wedding took place in Bohemia, at the castle of Roudnice (Raudnitz) on 29 October 1690. He was the eighth son of Philip William, Elector Palatine. They haed issue.


  1. Coontess Palatine Leopoldine Eleonore Elisabeth Auguste o Neuburg (22 October 1691 – 8 Mairch 1693) died young.
  2. Coontess Palatine Maria Anna Karoline Louise Franziska o Neuburg (30 Januar 1693 – 12 September 1751), mairit Duke Ferdinand Maria Innocenz o Bavarie (1699–1738), he wis the sixth son o Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector o Bavarie an haed issue.

Seicont mairiageEedit

Cosimo III de' Medici, Grand Duke o Tuscany coaxed his son tae mairy Anna Maria Franziska for dynastic purposes, she wis very wealthy, an brocht a possible claim tae the Duchy o Saxe-Lauenburg through her faither. The Hoose o Medici need an heir, Gian Gastone's brither, Ferdinando, had nae produced issue. They were mairit on 2 Julie 1697 bi the Bishop o Osnabruck at Düsseldorf but they lived in the Kinrick o Bohemie, at chateaux o Ploskovice (Ploschkowitz) an Zákupy (Reichstadt).

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 13 Juin 1673 - 29 October 1690 Anna Maria Franziska o Saxe-Lauenburg, Duchess o Saxony.
  • 29 October 1690 - 19 November 1668 Coontess Palatine Wilhelm August o Neuburg
  • 2 Julie 1697 - 31 October 1723 Her Ryal Highness The Grand Princess o Tuscany.
  • 31 October 1723 – 9 Julie 1737 Her Ryal Highness The Maist Serene Grand Duchess o Tuscany.
  • 9 Julie 1737 -15 October 1741 Her Ryal Highness The Dowager Grand Duchess o Tuscany.

Ither wabsteidsEedit

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