Anna Canalis

Anna Carlotta Teresa Canalis (Anna Carlotta Teresa; 23 Aprile 1680 – 13 Aprile 1769) wis an Italian noblewoman, an later the morganatic wife o Victor Amadeus II, Keeng o Sardinie. She wis created Marchesa o Spigno.

Anna Canalis
Marchesa o Spigno
Coontess o San Sebastiano
Portrait of Anna Canalis di Cumiana, Marchesa di Spigno by an unknown artist.jpg
Full name
Anna Carlotta Teresa Canalis
Born23 April 1680
Palazzo Canalis, Turin
Dee'd13 Apryle 1769(1769-04-13) (aged 88)
Convent o the Visitation, Pinerolo
Spoose(s)Victor Amadeus II, Keeng o Sardinie
Ignazio Francesco Novarina
Pietro, Marquis of Spigno
FaitherFrancesco Maurizio Canalis, Coont o Cumiana
MitherMonica Francesca San Martino d'Agliè


Born at the Palazzo Canalis, Turin in 1680, she wis a dochter o Francesco Maurizio Canalis, Coont o Cumiana an Monica Francesca San Martino d'Agliè. Receiving education as a nun at the Convent o the Visitation in Turin, she wis introduced to the ducal coort o Savoy in 1695. She wis made a lady-in-waiting tae Marie Jeanne, Dowager Duchess o Savoy, mither o the ruler, Victor Amadeus II. She wis styled aa "Mademoiselle de Cumiana".


She mairit on 21 April 1703 tae Ignazio Francesco Novarina, Coont o San Sebastiano, by whom she purportedly haed seven childer. The mairiage wis arranged bi Dowager Duchess Marie Jeanne, tae whose hoosehold she belonged an who haed noticed her son's wandering eye looking in the direction o the unmairit Anna.

She wis later made a leddy-in-waitin tae Polyxena, Princess of Piedmont, wife o Charles Emmanuel, Prince o Piedmont an heir apparent o Victor Amadeus II. She wis later elevatit tae the position o Polyxena's leddy-in-waiting, where she gien a position equivalent tae Leddy o the Bedchamber.


  1. Paola Novarina (b.1708)
  2. Paolo Federico Novarina (b.1710)
  3. Carlo Novarina (1711)
  4. Giacinta Novarina (b.1712)
  5. Chiara Novarina (b.1714)
  6. Pietro Novarina, Marchese o Spigno (b.1715) mairit Adelaide Cisa di Grésy an haed issue.
  7. Luigi Novarina (b.1718) mairit Matilde Scarampi del Camino.
  8. Biagio Novarina (b.1722)

Mairiage tae Keeng Victor AmadeusEedit

In August 1728 Victor Amadeus's consort Anne Marie d'Orléans died after a series of heart attacks. Twa years later he mairit Anna in a private ceremony on 12 August 1730 in the Royal Chapel in Turin, having obtained permission frae Pape Clement XII. Victor Amadeus created her Marchesa o Spigno. The teetle was attached tae a fief o the Haly Roman Empire, acquired as spoils o the War o the Spaingie Succession and subsequently owned bi an illegitimate brither o Victor Amadeus.

The couple made their marriage public on 3 September 1730, much to the dismay o the coort. A month later, Victor Amadeus announced his wish tae abdicate the throne an did so in a ceremony at the Castle o Rivoli on the day o his mairiage. His son succeeded him as Charles Emmanuel III.