Amharic (/æmˈhærɪk/[4][5][6] or /ɑːmˈhɑːrɪk/;[7] Amharic: አማርኛ Amarəñña, IPA: [amarɨɲːa] ( listen)) is a Semitic leid spoken in Ethiopie.

አማርኛ Amarɨñña
Native taeEthiopie
Native speakers
22 million (2007 census)[1]
Ge'ez (Amharic syllabary)
Amharic Braille
Signed Amharic[2]
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
Federal Democratic Republic o Ethiopie.
It is an aa recognised as the offeecial wirking leid in sax o the eleiven admeenistrative regions o Ethiopie:
Addis Ababa Ceety Cooncil
Amhara Regional State
Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State
Dire Dawa Admeenistrative cooncil
Gambela Fowk's Regional State
Soothren Naitions, Naitionalities, an Fowks' Regional State
Regulatit bino offeecial regulation
Leid codes
ISO 639-1am
ISO 639-2amh
ISO 639-3amh
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