Altocumulus clood

Altocumulus (Frae Latin Altus, "heich", cumulus, "heaped")[1] is a middle-altitude clood genus that alangs tae the stratocumuliform pheesical category characterised bi globular masses or rows in layers or patches, the individual elements bein lairger an darker than those o cirrocumulus an smawer nor those o stratocumulus.

Altocumulus clood
Altocumulus clood formation
SeembolCM 3.png
GenusAlto- (heich), -cumulus (heap)
Altitude2,000–6,100 m
(6,500–20,000 ft)
ClessificationFaimily B (Medium-level)
AppearanceSeemilar tae cirrocumulus, but individual segments are lairger an darker.
Precipitation clood?No


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