Airmed Forces o the Republic o Kazakhstan

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakh: Қазақстанның Қарулы күштері, Qazaqstannyń qarýly kúshteri), is the name of the unified airmed forces of Kazakhstan. It consists of the Ground Forces, Air and Air Defence Forces, Naval Forces, and Republican Guard. The naitional defence policy aims are based on the Constitution of Kazakhstan. They guarantee the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the state and the integrity of its laund aurie, territorial waters and airspace and its constitutional order. The airmed forces of Kazakhstan act unner the authority of the Kazakhstan Meenistry of Defence.

Airmed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Қазақстан Республикасының Қарулы Күштері (Kazakh)
Qazaqstan Respublikasyń qarýly kúshteri
Вооруженные силы Республики Казахстан (Roushie)
Coat of arms military-of-kazakhstan.svg
Coat of Airms of the Kazakh Airmed Forces
FoonditMay 7, 1992
Service branchesRepublican Guard
Kazakh Ground Forces
Kazakh Air Force
Kazakh Air Defense Forces
Kazakh Naval Forces

Naitional Guard
HeidquartersNursultan, Almaty
Commander-in-chief Kassym-Jomart Tokaïev
Minister of Defence Saken Zhasuzakov
Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Murat Maikeyev
Militar age18–45 years old;
ConscriptionOne year
Active personnel74,500 (2018) (ranked 50)
Reserve personnel32,000 (2018)
Budget$2,435,000,000 [1]
Percent o GDP1.1% (2018 est.)[1]
Domestic suppliersJSC National Company Kazakhstan Engineering
Foreign suppliers Canadae
 Unitit States[2]
Relatit airticles
HistoryCeevil war in Tajikistan
Iraq War
RanksMeelitary ranks of Kazakhstan

The Military Balance 2013 reported the airmed forces' strength as; Airmy, 20,000, Navy, 3,000, Air Force, 12,000, and MoD, 4,000. It also reported 31,000 parameelitary personnel.[3]


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