Airchery competeetion in Mönchengladbach, Wast Germany, Juin 1983

Airchery is the sport, practice or skill o uisin a bowe tae propel arraes. The wird comes frae the Laitin arcus. Historically, airchery haes been uised for huntin an combat. In modren times, it is mainly a competitive sport an recreational acteevity. A person wha pairteecipates in airchery is teepically cried an aircher or a boweman, an a person that is fond o or an expert at airchery is whiles cried a toxophilite.[1]


  1. The noun "toxophilite", meanin "a luver or devotee o airchery, an aircher" derives frae Toxophilus bi Roger Ascham —"imaginary proper name invented by Ascham, and hence title of his book (1545), intended to mean 'lover of the bow'." "toxophilite, n." Oxford English Dictionary. Seicont edeetion, 1989; online version November 2010. <>; accessed 10 Mairch 2011. Earlier version first published in New English Dictionary, 1913.