Airchduke Karl Ludwig o Austrick

Airchduke Karl Ludwig o Austrick (Karl Ludwig Joseph Maria; 30 Julie 1833 – 19 Mey 1896) wis an Airchduke o Austrick bi birth an wis the younger brither o Franz Joseph I o Austrick (1830–1916), the faither of Airchduke Franz Ferdinand o Austrick (1863–1914), whose assassination ignited Warld War I, an grandfaither o the last cazard, Karl I.

Airchduke Karl Ludwig
Anton Einsle Erzherzog Karl Ludwig 1848.jpg
Airchduke Karl Ludwig in 1848 bi Anton Einsle.
Born30 Julie 1833(1833-07-30)
Schönbrunn Pailace, Vienna, Austrick Empire
Dee'd19 Mey 1896(1896-05-19) (aged 62)
Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
BuirialImperial Crypt, Vienna
SpouseMargaretha o Saxony
Maria Annunciata o the Twa Sicilies
Maria Teresa o Portugal
IssueAirchduke Franz Ferdinand
Airchduke Otto Franz
Archduke Ferdinand Karl
Airchduchess Margarete Sophie
Airchduchess Maria Annunciata
Airchduchess Elisabeth Amalie
Full name
Karl Ludwig Joseph Maria
FaitherAirchduke Franz Karl o Austrick
MitherPrincess Sophie o Bavarie
Archducal Coronet.svg
Wappen Habsburg-Lothringen Schild.svg

First mairiageEedit

His first wife, whom he mairit on 4 November 1856 in Dresden, wis his first cousin Princess Margaretha o Saxony (1840–1858), dochter o Kíng Johann o Saxony (1801–1873) an Amalie Auguste o Bavarie (1801–1877). They haed nae issue.

Seicont mairiageEedit

His seicont wife, whom he mairit bi proxy on 16 October 1862 at Rome, and in person on 21 October 1862 at Venice, wis Princess Maria Annunciata o the Twa Sicilies (1843–1871), dochter o Ferdinand II o the Twa Sicilies (1810–1859) an Maria Theresa o Austrick (1816–1867).


  1. Airchduke Franz Ferdinand o Austrick (December 18 1863 – Juin 28 1914) he mairit morganatically Coontess Sophie Chotek von Chotkow und Wognin an haed issue.
  2. Airchduke Otto Franz o Austrick (21 Aprile 1865 – 1 November 1906) mairit Princess Maria Josepha o Saxony an haed issue.
  3. Archduke Ferdinand Karl o Austrick (27 December 1868 – 12 Mairch 1915) mairit Bertha Czuber.
  4. Archduchess Margarete Sophie o Austrick (13 Mey 1870 – 24 August 1902) mairit Albrecht, Duke o Württemberg an haed issue.

Third mairiageEedit

Described as ane o the maist beautiful wumen in Europe, on 23 Julie 1873 in Kleinheubach, in Bavarie, Germany, he mairit Infanta Maria Teresa o Portugal, dochter o Kíng Miguel I o Portugal


  1. Airchduchess Maria Annunciata o Austrick (13 Julie 1876 – 8 Aprile 1961) niver mairit an haed nae kent issue.
  2. Airchduchess Elisabeth Amalie o Austrick (7 Julie 1878 – 13 Mairch 1960) mairit Prince Alois o Liechtenstein an haed issue (parents o Prince Franz Josef II o Liechtenstein)