Ferdinand Karl, Airchduke o Austrick-Este

Airchduke Ferdinand Karl o Austrick, "Airchduke o Austrick-Este" (Ferdinand Karl Anton Joseph Johann Stanislaus; 1 Juin 1754 – 24 December 1806) wis a son o Haly Roman Emperor Franz I an his wife Empress Maria Theresa o Austrick. He an his wife founded the Hoose o Austrick-Este, an their descendants retained the rank an teetle o Airchduke/duchess o Austrick-Este. He aa acted as Governor o the Duchy o Milan atween 1765 an 1796. He was also designated as the heir tae the Duchy o Modena an Reggio, but he niver reigned, owing tae the Napoleonic Wars. He wis aa granted the teetle o Duke o Breisgau in 1797. He wis an Airchduke o Austrick bi birth.

Airchduke Ferdinand Karl o Austrick
Airchduke o Austrick-Este
Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria-Este.jpg
Airchduke Ferdinand Karl bi August Friedrich Oelenhainz, 1790.
Born1 Juin 1754(1754-06-01)
Schönbrunn Pailace, Vienna, Austrick, HRE
Dee'd24 December 1806(1806-12-24) (aged 52)
Vienna, Austrick
BuirialImperial Crypt, Vienna
SpouseMaria Beatrice d'Este (m. 1771)
IssueAirchduke Josef Franz
Maria Theresa, Queen o Sardinie
Airchduchess Josepha
Maria Leopoldine, Electress o Bavarie
Francis IV, Duke o Modena
Airchduke Ferdinand Karl Joseph
Maximilian, Grand Master o Teutonic Knichts
Airchduchess Maria Antonia
Airchduke Karl, Archbishop o Esztergom
Maria Ludovika, Empress o Austrick
Full name
Ferdinand Karl Anton Josef Johann Stanislaus von Österreich-Este
HooseHabsburg-Lorraine (birth)
Austrick-Este (founded)
FaitherFrancis I, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherEmpress Maria Theresa
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Archducal Coronet.svg
Armoiries Autriche-Este 1803.svg


Airchduke Ferdinand Karl mairit Maria Beatrice d'Este, Duchess o Massa on on 15 October 1771. She wis the heiress to four states that included the duchies o Modena an o Reggio an o Massa the Principality o Carrara. The Habsburgs were also looking tae extend their influence in Italy. Festivities arranged for this occasion included the operas Ascanio in Alba by Mozart and Il Ruggiero by Johann Adolph Hasse.


  1. Airchduke Josef Franz o Austrick-Este (1772) died young.
  2. Airchduchess Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este (1 November 1773 – 29 Mairch 1832) mairit Victor Emmanuel I o Sardinie an haed issue.
  3. Airchduchess Maria Leopoldine o Austrick-Este (10 December 1776 – 23 Juin 1848) mairit Charles Theodore, Elector o Bavarie but haed nae issue. mairit Coont Ludwig von Arco an haed issue.
  4. Francis IV, Duke o Modena, Airchduke o Austrick-Este (6 October 1779 – 21 Januar 1846) mairit Princess Maria Beatrice o Savoy an haed issue.
  5. Airchduke Ferdinand Karl Joseph o Austrick-Este (25 April 1781 – 5 November 1850) niver mairit.
  6. Airchduke Maximilian o Austrick-Este (Julie 14 1782 – 1 Juin 1863) niver mairit.
  7. Airchduchess Maria Antonia o Austrick-Este (21 October 1784 - 8 Aprile 1786) named in honour o her aunt Marie Antoinette but died young.
  8. Airchduke Karl Ambrosius o Austrick-Este 2 November 1785 – 2 September 1809) niver mairit.
  9. Airchduchess Maria Ludovika o Austrick-Este (14 December 1787 – 7 Aprile 1816) mairit Francis II, Haly Roman Emperor (Emperor Francis I o Austrick) but haed nae issue.

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