Airchduke Ernst o Austrick

Airchduke Ernst o Austrick (German: Ernst von Österreich; 15 Juin 1553[1] – 20 Februar 1595) wis a son o Maximilian II, Haly Roman Emperor, an Maria o Spain.

Airchduke Ernst o Austrick
El archiduque Diego Ernesto de Austria.jpg
Portrait bi Coello c. 1580
Born15 Juin 1553[1]
Dee'd20 Februar 1595(1595-02-20) (aged 41)
FaitherMaximilian II, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherMaria o Austrick

Born in Vienna, he wis educatit wi his brither Rudolf II, Haly Roman Emperor, in the coort o Spain. In 1573 an 1587, he wis a candidate for the throne o Poland. Frae 1576 onwards, he wis governor in the Archduchy o Austria, where he promoted the Counter-Reformation. In 1590, he became governor o Inner Austria as regent for his young cousin Ferdinand, and frae 1594 tae 1595 he served as governor o the Spaingie Netherlands.


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