Agoraphobia is an anxeeity disorder chairacterised bi symptoms o anxeeity in situations whaur the person perceives the environment tae be unsauf wi na easy wey tae get awey.[1] Thir situations can include appen spaces, public transit, shoppin maws, or semply bein ootside the hame.[1] Bein in these situations mey result in a panic attack.[2]

Agora of the Competaliasts 01 (cropped).jpg
An auncient agora in Delos, Greece. Ane o the public spaces efter that the condeetion is named.
SymptomsAnxeeity in situations perceived tae be unsauf, panic attacks[1][2]
ComplicationsDepression, substance uise disorder[1]
Duration> 6 months[1]
CausesGenetic an environmental factors[1]
Risk factorsFaimily history, stressfu event[1]
Seemilar condeetionsSeparation anxeeity, posttraumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder[1]
TreatmentCognitive behavioural therapy[3]
PrognosisResolution in hauf wi treatment[4]
Frequency1.7% of adults[1]
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