Agatha o Sicily

Saunt Agatha[4] o Sicily (c. 231 – c. 251 AD) is a Christian saunt. Her memorial is on 5 Februar.

Saunt Agatha o Sicily
Martirio de Santa Águeda, por Sebastiano del Piombo.jpg
Mairtyrdom o Saunt Agatha
Virgin an Mairtyr
Bornc. 231[1]
Catania or Palermo, Sicily
Dee'dc. 251
Catania, Sicily
Veneratit in
CanonisedPre-congregation by tradeetion confirmed bi Pope Gregory I
FeastFebruar 5
Attributesshears, tangs, breests on a plate[2]
PatronageSicily; bellfoonders; breest cancer; bakers; Catania, Sicily; against fire;[3] yirdquauks; eruptions o Munt Etna; fire; jewelers; mairtyrs; naitural disasters; nuirices; Palermo, Sicily; rape veectims; San Marino; single layweemen; sterility; tortur veectims; volcanic eruptions; wet nuirices; Zamarramala, Spain, Maltae


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