Afro-Eurasie,[1] forby Afrasie,[2] Eurafrasie[2] or Eufrasie,[3] is the lairgest landmass on Yird. It mey be defined as a supercontinent, wi the term bein a portmanteau o its constituent pairts Africae an Eurasie (further dividit intae Europe an Asie) which are jyned thegither at the Isthmus o Suez.[4] Afro-Eurasie encompasses 84,980,532 square kilometers an haes a population o approximately 6 billion fowk, or roughly 85% o the warld population.[5] It is forby kent as the Auld Warld, as opposed tae the Americas, Antarctica an Oceanie, which are kent as the New Warld.

Afro-Eurasia (orthographic projection) political.svg
Aurie84,980,532 km2
Population6,000,000,000 (2013)


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