(Reguidit frae Afrikaner)

Afrikaners are a Soothren African ethnic group descendit frae predominantly Dutch settlers first arrivin in the seiventeent an aichteent centuries.[8]

Tot population
c. 3.5 million[1]
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Sooth Africae2,710,461 (2011)[2]
 Namibie92,400 (2003)[3]
 Zambie~41,000 (2006)[a]
 Botswana~20,000 (2010)[4]
 Swaziland~13,000 (2006)[a]
 Australie5,079 (2011)[b]
 New Zealand1,197 (2013)[c]
 Argentinae~400 (1985)[7]
First leid
Seicont or third leid
Calvinism (Dutch Reformed • Dutch Reformed o Africae • Reformed • African Protestant • French Reformed)  • Ither Protestants • Roman Catholicism • Irreleegious • Jewish •
Relatit ethnic groups


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