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"Aegukka" (Korean: 애국가) or the "Sang of a Devotion tae a Country" is the naitional anthem of the Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea (Korea). The anthem wis composed in 1945 as a patriotic sang celebrating unthirldom frae Imperial Japanese occupation and wis adoptit as the state anthem in 1947.

Scots: The Patriotic Song

Naitional anthem o
 North Korea

An aw kent as
Scots: Sang of a Devotion tae a Country
Leerics Pak Se-yong, 1946[1]
Muisic Kim Won-gyun, 1945[1]
Adoptit 1947

Audio saumple
Chosŏn'gŭl 애국가
Hancha 愛國歌
Revised Romanisation Aegukga
McCune–Reischauer Aegukka


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