Admiral o the fleet

Template:Navalranks An admiral of the fleet or fleet admiral (sometimes kent as admiral o the navy or grand admiral an aw) is a militar naval officer o the heichest rank. In mony naitions, the rank is reservit for wartime or ceremonial appointments. It is uisually a rank abuin admiral (which is nou uisually the heichest rank in peacetime for officers in active service), an is aften held bi the maist senior admiral o entire naval service.

It is a generic term for a senior admiral in command o lairge group o ships an aw, comprisin a fleet or, in some cases, a group o fleets. If actually a rank, its name can vary dependin on the kintra. In addeetion tae "fleet admiral" an "admiral o the fleet", such rank names include "admiral o the navy" an "grand admiral".[Note 1]

It ranks abuin vice admiral, rear admiral an uisually full admiral, an is uisually gien tae a senior admiral commandin multiple fleets as opposed tae juist ane fleet. It is aften classifee'd in NATO naitions as a five-starn rank.

Admiral o the fleet is equivalent tae a airmy field marshal. It is equivalent tae a marshal o the air force an aw which in mony kintras haes a similar rank insignia tae admiral o the fleet.


  1. In some navies, housomeivver, such as the German Kriegsmarine durin Warld War II, "admiral o the navy" haes been considered a heicher rank than "admiral o the fleet" or its equivalent.


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