Action potential

In pheesiology, an action potential is a short-lastin event in which the electrical membrane potential o a cell rapidly rises an faws, follaein a consistent trajectory.

As an action potential travels doun the axon, thare is a chynge in polarity athort the membrane. The Na+ an K+ gatit ion channels open an close as the membrane reaches the threshold potential, in response tae a signal frae anither neuron. At the beginnin o the action potential, the Na+ channels open an Na+ muives intaes the axon, causin depolarisation. Repolarisation occurs when the K+ channels open an K+ muives oot o the axon. This creates a chynge in polarity atween the ootside o the cell an the inside. The impulse travels doun the axon in ane direction anly, tae the axon terminal whaur it signals ither neurons.