Accordions (frae 19t-century German Akkordion, frae Akkord - "muisical chord, concord o soonds"[1]) are a faimily o box-shaped muisical instruments o the bellaes-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred tae as a squeezebox.

A convertor free-bass piano-accordion and a Russian bayan.jpg
A piano accordion (tap) an a Roushie bayan (bottom)
Keybuird instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification412.132
(Free-reed aerophone)
DevelopedEarly 19th century
Playin range

Depends on configuration: Richt-haund manual

Left-haund manual

Relatit instruments

Hand-pumped: Bandoneón, Concertina, Flutina, Garmon, Trikitixa, Indian harmonium

Fit-pumped: Harmonium, Reed organ

Mooth-blown: Claviola, Melodica, Harmonica, Laotian Khene, Cheenese Shēng, Japanese Shō

Electronic reedless instruments:

Electronium, MIDI accordion, Roland Virtual Accordion
Accordionists (leet o accordionists).
Mair airticles
Accordion, Chromatic button accordion, Bayan, Diatonic button accordion, Piano accordion, Stradella bass seestem, Free-bass seestem, Accordion reed ranks & switches