New WorldAmerican RevolutionFrench RevolutionBlack DaithNapoleon BonaparteTelephoneAeroplaneMuin laundinAtomic BombLicht BulbGutenberg Bible
Frae left, clockwise: In 1492, Italian navigator Christopher Columbus; The American Revolution; The French Revolution; The Atomic Bomb frae Warld War II; An alternate soorce o light, the Licht Bulb; For the first time, a human bein sets fit on the muin in 1969 during the Apollo 11 muin mission; Aeroplanes acome the maist-uised way o transport throu the skies; Napoleon Bonaparte, in the early 19t century, affects Fraunce an Europe on subjects o expansionism an modrenisation; Alexander Graham Bell's telephone; In 1348, the Black Death kills ower 100 million fowk warldwide, an ower hauf of Europe, in twa years. (Backgrund: An excerpt frae the Gutenberg Bible, the first major beuk printit in the Wast uisin muivable teep, in the 1450s)

The seicont millennium is a period o time that began on Januar 1, 1001, an endit on December 31, 2000, o the Gregorian calendar.[1] It wis the seicont period o ane thoosand years in the Anno Domini or Common Era.