.tr is the Internet kintra code tap-level domain (CcTLD) for Turkey. It is admeenistert bi NIC.TR (unner Middle East Technical University Computer Center an Turkey Internet Society (Local Chapter of ISOC)..

TLD typeKintra code tap-level domain
RegistryNIC.TR (run by Middle East Technical University)
Sponsor.tr Domain Registry (managed by Middle East Technical University Computer Center DNS Group)
Intendit uiseEntities connectit with  Turkey
Actual uiseVerra popular in Turkey, especially com.tr subdomain (as of 19 February 2008, there were 103,175 com.tr registrations); gets some ither uises relatit tae Turkey
Registered domains387,257 (July 21, 2017).tr Registry daily domain count
Registration restrictionsVaryin Restrictions on generic 3rd-level subdomain names, registrant must be locatit in Turkey or haeve representative there
StructurSeicont-level registrations were initially prohibitit; registrations are made directly at the third level beneath generic-category 2nd level domains, with the exception of the registrar website nic.tr
Dispute policiesUDRP

Seicont-level domainsEedit

Available domains:

  • .com.tr —
  • .org.tr —
  • .net.tr —
  • .edu.tr —
  • .gov.tr —
  • .biz.tr 
  • .web.tr 
  • .k12.tr 
  • .name.tr 
  • .nom.tr 
  • .mil.tr 
  • .tsk.tr 
  • .pol.tr 
  • .av.tr 
  • .bel.tr 
  • .info.tr 
  • .dr.tr 
  • .tv.tr 
  • .gen.tr 
  • .tel.tr 
  • .bbs.tr 
  • .kep.tr 

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