Internet kintra-code tap level domain for Roushie

.ru is the Latin alphabet Internet kintra code tap-level domain (ccTLD) for the Roushie Federation introduced on Aprile 7, 1994. The Roushie alphabet internaitionalized kintra code is .рф.

CCTLD RU logo ru.svg
Introduced7 Aprile 1994
TLD typeKintra code tap-level domain
RegistryCoordination Center for TLD RU
Intendit uiseEntities connectit wi Roushie
Actual uiseVery popular in Roushie
Registered domains4,260,401 (Januar 2013)[1]
StructurRegistrations are permitted directly
at the seicont level; third-level
registrations are an aa possible
unner the rule o the offeecial
Dispute policiesNone
WabsteidCoordination Center for TLD RU

The control o .ru is assigned tae the Coordination Center for TLD RU (CC for TLD RU), the current offeecial registry. On 1 Januar 2005 the umwhile registry Roushie Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) haes fully stopped tae provide operations for registrations directly unner .ru but still cairies oot registry operations for the third-level domain names unner .com.ru, .net.ru, .org.ru & .pp.ru.

The company RELCOM an aa proposes third-level registrations beneath various seicont-level domains sic as .msk.ru (Moscow), while Macomnet Telcom[2] propones third-level registrations beneath .int.ru simultaneously.

RU-CENTER is ane o the accreditit registrars in .ru an an aa handles registration services for .su, the tap-level domain o the Soviet Union, which wis supposedly gangin tae be phased oot gien the non-existence o the kintra it represents, but nevertheless haes been acceptin new registrations alang wi .ru; the legal status an awnership o .su is bein contestit bi the ICANN (Roushie Govrenment), an several Roushie commercial entities.


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